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Plantable Seed Crackers Gift Box

Plantable Seed Crackers Gift Box


This Diwali, elevate your celebrations with Plantable Seed Crackers —a unique blend of tradition and sustainability. Embedded with seeds, these crackers, when planted, sprout into vibrant plants, signifying growth and renewal. 


By choosing these eco-conscious crackers, we contribute to biodiversity and support local flora and fauna. This innovative tradition serves as an educational tool, teaching us and our children the importance of sustainable practices. 


Embrace this green Diwali, sow the seeds of change, and illuminate not only your home but also the world. 


Let's make a substantial impact towards a more eco-conscious planet. Happy Diwali! 🌱✨

This exciting hamper consists of a set of 4 seed crackers, 


Tomato Sutli Bomb
 Tulsi Lakshmi Bomb

Spinach Ground Chakra

Sunflower Flower Pot🌿

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Here is How Our Plantable Seed Crackers Work:

(Step by step process how to plant these crackers)

1. Remove the external packing from the cracker. 
2. Select a patch of soil in your garden or pot at your home. 
3. Gently bury the cracker in the soil and cover it with a thin layer of soil. 
4. Water it regularly, ensuring it receives adequate sunlight.
5. In a few weeks, you will be greeted with the sprouting of young plants.

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