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What We Believe

We believe that living a simple life is the closest path to be a part of Nature. You would all agree that a Sustainable development means living in harmony with Nature. We have always felt that we cannot consider ourselves developed unless our lives become reconnected, balanced and in cooperation with Nature. We have followed this belief, with each product designed to create a conscious consumption cycle that benefits everyone.   

Our Quest

All our life, we have been constantly brainwashed with catchy and enticing advertisements of commercial products which are made with harmful chemicals. We do not even realise how they harm us but somewhere or the other the effects are seen in the long run and we are not able to join the dots until it is too late to reverse. As a young couple, even we had been a bait to this, before realisation struck us hard. This led us in the quest for natural products which are chemical free. But disappointment struck us again, when we found that the so called "Natural Products" are not even close to what they claim to be.

This experience has driven us to dig deeper into the true source, “The Nature” itself, which has in turn led us to the path of - Nature’s Trails.

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Bath Salts & Accessories

The Beginning

Our Journey began when we gradually started replacing our basic essentials with naturally sourced alternatives and making them ourselves. This became a step by step movement, towards a more sustainable way of life, with a purpose. Through this slow transition, we also realised that in a way, we were giving back to Mother Nature, by being eco-friendly. And as a nature loving couple, it made us happy in creating a win-win situation for us and the environment.

Now, this also started creating awareness among our near and dear ones who started participating and encouraging us, to share our way of life with everyone.

We feel blessed to share these experiences, which we have gathered over the years, with like minded people, to live a guilt free balanced life without creating excess waste.

Natural Ingredients

Products we offer are Natural, Herbal, Hand-made and Chemical-free. Emphasis is also made to source all our ingredients locally thus promoting Local Businesses. Our products are not only safe for us as individuals but also are eco-friendly.

Toothpowder ingredients
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