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Shadow on Concrete Wall


We have always been attracted to nature and lived a relatively simple life that is in sync with nature. Over the years we have slowly transitioned ourselves into using alternatives to the basic essentials available in the market. This step was taken because, how much ever natural or organic a product was claimed, the truth seemed rather opposite. We suffered from skin irritation, mouth ulcers, rashes etc., and this led us to make our own alternatives. When we took the path towards Nature, we stumbled upon some of nature's open secrets that were effective not only for us but also was helping to create a harmony with the environment. 

We came to know what the nature held in store for us and we were AMAZED!!! We could find a remedy for almost everything from the "Lap of Nature". Living in a small town and having access to almost all the raw materials made it even easier for us to take this path.

Our research and experience over the years made us take this step, through Nature's Trails, to reach out to others, who want to take this route but have no access or time for it.

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