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Paper Bubble wrap

Cushion Wrap - Replacement for Bubble Wrap - (Pack of 1)


Cushion Wrap is a perfect replacement for plastic bubble wrap. It can be used to wrap fragile items and help save plastics from ending up in our oceans and landfills. It is a great packaging solution providing optimal protection, a superior unboxing experience, and accelerated wrapping. It cushions and protects fragile items during transit. Cushion Wrap is compostable, recyclable, and reusable, and all in all one of the best sustainable packaging solutions.



  • Protective Cushioning: To prevent your products, like glass and pottery items, from getting damaged and break during transit
  • Premium Packaging: The unique design of the paper makes for a very satisfying unboxing experience
  • Easily Tear-able from hand so you can get it in the required size without wastage, and with minimum effort
  • Uses Less Space for Storage: The paper comes in a flattened form, and you expand it as and when required.
  • Good for the environment: Made from renewable resources, replaces plastic bubble wrap, and is easily recycled
  • Use as a Gift Wrap: Add a ribbon or a jute twine for a unique gift wrap

Size Per Roll: 100 meters x 380mm (Expandable upto 130 Meters)
Contains: 1 roll

Step 1: Hold the roll at the top with one hand and the edge of the paper with the other hand, and make sure there is adequate tension 
Step 2: Gently tug the paper to expand the honeycomb design 
Step 3: Make sure you don’t pull it too hard or the paper will tear
Step 4: Wrap your product inside the expanded paper and interlock it from the sides

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