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Plantable Seed Paper Calendars

Plantable Seed Paper Calendars


Embark on a green journey with our Plantable Seed Paper Calendars – a harmonious blend of functionality and eco-consciousness! Crafted with care from recycled paper, each calendar page is a canvas of growth, embedded with an assortment of seeds, transforming your year into a blossoming garden.


Key Features:

  • Sow and Grow: After each month, simply tear off the calendar page, soak it in water, plant it in a suitable spot, and witness the magic of nature as your garden comes to life. A calendar that grows with you, quite literally!

  • Eco-Friendly Elegance: Handmade with recycled paper, our calendars are a testament to sustainability. Choosing this plantable calendar is a step towards reducing your ecological footprint and embracing a greener lifestyle.

  • Gifts of Growth: These calendars make thoughtful gifts for your loved ones or yourself, spreading the joy of sustainability. Perfect for corporate gifting, choose from various options featuring positive quotes, zero waste inspiration, vegan messages, and enchanting floral designs.

  • Customized Calendar Experience: Tailor your calendar to your preferences. Whether it's a specific theme, quotes, or personal touches, our plantable calendars can be customized to fit your unique vision.

  • Nurturing Sustainability: Join us on the path to sustainability with our Plantable Calendars, a small yet impactful choice that aligns your daily life with the principles of eco-conscious living.


Make every day of the year a celebration of growth and green living with our Plantable Seed Paper Calendars. Your journey to a sustainable lifestyle starts here!

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